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    How often do you print out images? Now when taking images has become so easy - you just clicks on your mobile and perhaps share on social media. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that include taking photos, printing some or just having fun with creating an environment for everyone's amusement.  We all have art in us - taking photos lets us express it, lets us communicate our passions. So lets make this Christmas about fun with photos. 

    Idea no 1 – Pattern Organised Framed Photo

    Get some photos together and frame them in different frames. Create some patterns - you can form a heart from smaller photos of kids, surrounding the larger picture of the parents. 

    One cool idea is to organise them in a circle around a clock. Get some different size frames and a wall clock with just the pointers, all you need then are some screws and a will to drill them in the wall.

    Use old photos, or use themed photos from one specific event. Or even organise a special new photo session to get a theme in your clock. 

    Needless to say the outcome will look funky and different.

    Funny portraits 4

    Your photo session can take place at home, in a studio, cafe or an office environment or even outdoors – a place that would best reflect the side of you that you’d like to have captured. 

    But wherever the session takes you it will have one thing in common – it’s meant to be fun and enjoyable!

    In this article I am going to give you an overview of what happens in a professional portrait session. (Warning! - funny bits included).

    During my trip to Estonia I took a lot of photos. I have shared the best on my Facebook page and I hope, you have liked them.DSC 0792 Edit

    But in my time in Estonia I also took some family photo "jobs" and one of them is with Birgit's beautiful family.

    It is a funny story how I met Birgit - we're both Estonians, but met in Perth. It was the first day of school in Tafe for the both of us and we happened to sit next to each other in an auditorium filled with hundreds of new students. She recognised my Estonian passport and we started talking. That was now almost 4 years ago. We have both had so many changes in our loves since then and last year we both were so busy that we missed each other almost totally. So finally we found time to catch up when we were both visiting our families back in Estonia.

    selfies vs professional photographyWe receive as much as 80% of the information through our eyes. With the growing pace of everyday life and our vision as our main sensory receptor you can understand why a picture says a thousand words.

    With online presence and social media playing such big roles in the success of our business, it is more important than ever to show yourself in the best possible way. Every day there are new businesses starting and buying URLs with the hope of creating a competitive brand. And with the majority of business exposure being online, this is the first impression for a lot of your clients.

    This all started, when I needed to create a mood photo for a Sunday morning healthy breakfast. The first photos were okay, but nothing extra ordinary. Like the first one on the left below.  So as a food photographer, you always play around with composition and props. I added some milk and sugar, I added a different surface. The milk found it’s way into the mixer, but still… not quite exactly right.




    Melanie 4556This week I had one amazing shoot after another. Among those I did a business photo session with Melanie from MyCL and I'd love to share some of these images with you.

    Melanie has just set up her business providing computer support onsite at your home or small businesses and wanted to update her LinkedIn profile and have some extra images for her website.

    Melanie chose to have the session at her home and requested a business portrait and some photos of her at work, to use in her new business branding on website and print media.

    First we set up do do Melanies new business profile photo. As usual I made her go through all the relaxing silly faces and walk through on best poses. In the end Mealnie chose this photo taken outside, to show more relaxed nature of her business.

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